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Tropicalgin Alginate – Zhermack


Tropicalgin – Zhermack

Zhermack presents Tropicalgin Alginate Powder, a fast-setting chromatic alginate featuring a delightful tropical flavor. Specifically designed for use in removable prosthesis, study models, and antagonists in fixed and removable prostheses, Tropicalgin Alginate offers a comprehensive solution for dental professionals.

Zhermack takes pride in its diverse range of high-quality Alginate impression materials, tailored to meet the specific requirements of dental practitioners. The unique property of Zhermack Alginates lies in their ability to exhibit fluid characteristics during manipulation and return to a semi-solid state, ensuring precision in every impression.

Key Features:
  • Three-phase chromatic alginate:
    • Red phase: Mixing time
    • Light orange phase: Working time
    • Yellow phase: Time in mouth
  • Fast working and setting time.
  • Thixotropic nature for easy application.
  • Pleasing mango flavor.
  • Dust-free Zhermack Dental alginate.
  • Long impression storage.

Tropicalgin Alginate comprises potassium alginate, calcium sulfate, and other elements derived from brown algae.

Performance Metrics:
  • Mixing Time: 45 seconds
  • Max. Working Time: 1 minute 35 seconds
  • Time in Mouth: 60 seconds
  • Total Time to Set: 2 minutes 35 seconds
  • Elastic Recovery (ISO 1563): 99%
  • Permanent Deformation (ISO 1563): 11.5%
  • Compressive Strength (ISO 1563): 1.4 Mpa


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