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Piezo Surgery Unit – Woodpecker


Piezo Surgery

  • Bone Function:
    • Dental surgery applications
    • Includes extraction, bone grafting, osteogenic distraction, endodontic surgery, alveolar nerve decompression, osteoplasty, bone harvesting, and periodontic surgery
  • Root Function:
    • Mechanical ultrasonic treatment
    • Tailored for periodontic, endodontic, and preventive treatments
    • Autoclavable handpiece, cable, tip holder, working tip, and torque wrench
  • Clean Function:
    • Enables thorough cleaning after each use
    • Enhances device lifespan and maintains hygiene standards
  • Autoclavable Components:
    • Handpiece, cable, tip holder, working tip, and torque wrench
    • Sterilization at 125°C and 0.22mpa pressure
  • Monitor and Alarm Function:
    • Ensures working process safety
    • Built-in alarms for added security
  • Versatile and Efficient:
    • Accommodates various dental procedures with precision
  • Revolutionary Technology:
    • Modern solution for the demands of dental surgery


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