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ONE Dental Chair – Simple&Smart

  • Cost-Free Installation
  • Warranty Coverage for 12 Months
  • 5-Year Support
  • Meeting ISO and CE Standards


ONE | Dental Unit | Simple & Smart


  1. The seat and backrest enhance patient comfort and stability.
  2. Thin metal backrest design improves the doctor’s approach to the patient and working position.
  3. Chair base design allows for a wider range of movement, facilitating lower positions and providing a spacious working area.
  4. Solid and resistant structure ensures stability and durability.
  5. Rotatable water unit for flexible positioning during procedures.
  6. Internal structure and fragile parts made of aluminum for reduced weight, rust prevention, and increased durability.
  7. Equipped with double tanks for pure water and disinfection system, promoting hygiene.
  8. Ergonomic chair with adjustable positions.
  9. Instruments tray with 5 cordons, including a syringe, WP scaler, and cordons Midwest type.
  10. Assistant tray with a syringe and double cannulas for strong and weak suction.
  11. Control panels on doctor and assistant trays for convenient operation.
  12. Programmable positions, X-ray viewer, and multifunctional pedal.
  13. Rotatable spittoon, water unit, and LED eco lamp with sensor.
  14. Doctor stool with three adjustable positions.
  15. Installation available for left-handed doctors.
Optional Accessories:
  • Fiber Leather for added comfort with customizable colors.
  • Extra stool for the assistant in various colors.
  • Right armrest for increased patient comfort.
  • Various lamps, including ECO LED Pebble, LED Lamp EVA, and LED Lamp MAIA.
  • Media Kits like Endoscope Kit and Super-media Kit for advanced functionalities.
  • Handpieces:
    • Luzzani Syringe, TKD High-Speed Turbine, TKD Rapid Coupling, Woodpecker Scaler, TKD Scaler Titanus, Woodpecker Curing Light, TKD Kit Moon Curing Light, and various micromotors.
  • Valves:
    • DÜRR valves installed with optional accessories like CAS1, CS1 Air/Water Separator, Place Selection Valve, Spittoon Bowl Valve, Venturi System.
  • Instruments Cart Option:
    • Offers an alternative to the instrument tray, equipped with the same functionalities.
  • Maintenance:
    • Basic and Complete Spare Parts Kits for electrical components, membranes, filters, labels, and disinfection supplies.
    • Cleaning Kit with suction and basin filters, suction handles, silicone pads, cleaning solutions, and disinfectants.


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