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Indurent Gel | Catalyst – Zhermack


Zhermack Indurent Gel Catalyst


Zhermack’s Indurent Gel Catalyst is designed for use with C-Silicone impression materials, specifically tailored for clinical applications and intraoral use. Notably, it maintains biocompatibility even on damaged mucosa.

Compatible Products:

This catalyst gel is intended for use with the following Zhermack products:

  • Zetalabor Putty
  • Thixoflex M
  • Oranwash L
  • Oranwash VL
  • Zetaplus Soft
  • Homogeneous Mixing Control: The red-colored gel ensures uniform mixing control.
  • Universal Compatibility: Serves as the single catalyst gel for all Zhermack clinical C-Silicones (Zetaplus System).
  • Versatile Usage: Employed with putty, Oranwash VL, Oranwash L, and Thixoflex M on the mixing pad.
  • Gel Catalyst for C-Silicones: Designed for effective use with C-Silicone materials.
  • Easy Dispensing: The gel is versatile and easily dispensable.
  • 1 Tube x 60ml


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