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Hydrogum 5 Alginate – Zhermack


Hydrogum 5 – Zhermack  (Alginate Powder)

Hydrogum 5, a top-tier scannable alginate, boasts exceptional detail reproduction at 5 μm and maintains dimensional stability for an impressive 5 days. Tailored to meet the demands of discerning practitioners, it offers precision comparable to silicone, ensuring accurate impressions. The extended dimensional stability, lasting up to 120 hours, enhances impression accuracy, while its scannable nature facilitates seamless integration into digital workflows.


  • Ideal for recording impressions in various dental treatments.
  • Recommended for temporary crowns and bridges, removable prostheses and chromes, study models, antagonists in fixed and removable prostheses.


  • Extended dimensional stability (5 days).
  • Easy mixing with a homogeneous mass, smooth, and compact surfaces.
  • High tear resistance for reliable prosthetic results.
  • Greater dimensional stability than competitors.
  • Thixotropic consistency and excellent elastic recovery.
  • Pleasant tropical fruit (mangostan) flavor for patient comfort.
  • Dust-free and extra-fast setting for efficient procedures.
  • Reliable performance ensuring accurate results.

Key Specifications:

  • Working Time (including mixing time): 1′ 05″
  • Time in Mouth: 0′ 45″
  • Setting Time: 1′ 50″


  • 1 Pack of 453g

Directions for Use:

  1. Open the bag and transfer the alginate into an airtight container.
  2. Retain the lot number and expiry date.
  3. Shake the container to disperse the powder evenly.
  4. Use the dosing spoon to measure the powder without compressing it.
  5. Pour the powder into the rubber cup, adding ⅓ of water for each spoonful.
  6. Store the container between 5-27 degrees Celsius.
  7. Mix the water and powder for the specified time.
  8. Spread the material onto the impression tray, inserting it into the mouth before the end of the working time.
  9. Allow the material to harden within the recommended time in the mouth.


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