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Ezfil | Composite Resin – Meta Biomed


Ezfil – Meta Biomed – Resin Kit

Ezfill Composite, a dental composite resin by MetaBiomed, serves as an effective solution for restoring carious lesions in both vital and non-vital teeth. Packaged in convenient syringes for easy dispensing, this light-curable material is versatile and suitable for use on anterior and posterior teeth.

Properties of Ezfill Composite MetaBiomed:

  1. Superior Esthetics and Load Tolerance:
    • Ezfill Composite boasts superior esthetics and demonstrates high tolerance to occlusal load, ensuring reliable and visually appealing restorations.
  2. Versatility and Accessibility:
    • With the ability to be applied to virtually any accessible tooth surface, this composite resin meets the diverse needs of restorative dentistry.
  3. Color Options and Translucency:
    • Available in various shades, Ezfill Composite caters to patient esthetic preferences. Its translucency closely mimics natural tooth structure, enhancing the overall visual appeal of the restoration.
  4. Functional Excellence:
    • The high filler content in Ezfill Composite enables the creation of durable restorations capable of withstanding the forces exerted during chewing and grinding. This makes it particularly suitable for restoring posterior teeth.
  5. Controlled Working Time:
    • Being light-curable, this product allows practitioners to have precise control over their working time. This is beneficial for both beginners who require more time for meticulous work and experienced dentists dealing with complex cases.

Why Choose Ezfill Composite MetaBiomed:

  • Prognosis and Patient Tolerance:
    • Ezfill Composite demonstrates a favorable prognosis, providing patients with a reliable and aesthetically pleasing solution.
  • Excellent Load Resistance:
    • The material’s outstanding load resistance makes it an ideal choice for restorations, especially in posterior teeth.
  • Convenience of Purchase:
    • Dental professionals in Pakistan can conveniently purchase MetaBiomed Ezfill Composite online through E Dental Mart, a reliable online dental shop catering to diverse dental supply needs.


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